Not What I Planned: A Mother’s Reflection on the Fears of Parenthood

Ever since I was young, I’ve always knew I wanted kids with my future husband. I had it all planned out: married by 21, enjoy being a married couple for 5 years and then have 1-2 kids and be done by the time I was 30. That was my plan… when I was 12. Seemed about right to me at that age and in the back of my mind I’ve always had that list.
Well, I wasn’t married at 21, instead I was 23. Not exactly has planned, but not far off considering I was 12 when I made that goal. My husband, James, was an on the rise Professional MMA fighter and I was excited to see what adventures the next 5 years would bring us! Continue reading


Having a Child Completely Changed My Marriage

We did it again. On June 6th, my wife and I had our third daughter! This time, however, we were prepared (so we thought) with what was to come. The hospital, the nurses, sleeping on that awful pull-out bed, all expected. However, we did experience one thing that we did not expect. Continue reading

A House Full of Women.

Married. Buy a female dog, Missy. Have our first child…it’s a…GIRL! Olivia, you’re going to be a big sister! Congrats, another girl! June 5th, have to think of another girl name because daughter number 3 is arriving soon.

Phew. If I didn’t think entering the field of mental health counseling was a challenge, emotionally, for a “mainly man” (or so I like to think), being married with all daughters was.  Continue reading

My Wife is not the Same Woman I Married

Dear Blog,

I realized today that my wife is not the woman I married. I mean, I have been married to my wife for 6 and a half years now. She has changed so much! So many of the things that she use to do when we dated or were newlyweds, she has long stopped doing. As I sat down today and reminisced through old photos of our lives I started to realize how different she has become.

And I am thankful for that. Continue reading