Christianity IS a Religion, There’s No Way Around It.

I can’t believe that I have decided to write this blog. I mean, this is such a silly statement that I am saying. A religion is a religion. I mean, imagine if I were to write the following blog: “German Sheppards are Dogs, There’s No Way Around It”. Well, for one, I’m not sure how much I would actually have to write, but more importantly, I’m not sure there would be that many people interested in reading it. However, thanks to popular sayings like “It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship”, this blog is much overdue. To keep my analogy consistent, this would be like arguing: “German Sheppards are not dogs, they’re pets!”

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I Do Not Have It All Together

We live in an age where every individual has the ability to have a significantly large public life. The word is small; celebrities are no longer untouchables, and nothing is private. However, as public as our lives may be, we have certain control over what our public lives look like, and they do not always match with reality.

Many people portray their lives to be as great as possible. They will purposely shout their successes while neglecting any reality of failure, hurt, or strife. Just because we are able to edit it out of our public lives, doesn’t eliminate suffering’s existence. As great as my life may seem online…

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