2 Signs of a False Teacher

Since the beginning of time, there have been immediate objections to the true faith. We all know how the story of the Garden of Eden unfolded, with Satan’s open and direction opposition to God’s word. However, not all of the enemy’s tactics are the same. We are warned in Matthew 7: 15 that “”Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves” (NASB). This warning isn’t talking about when snakes come and openly oppose the truth of God, as identifiable as that may be. Rather, these false teachers have the appearance of truth. This is what makes the overwhelming population explosion of false teaching in the world so dangerous: It appears to be genuine truth. Continue reading

I’m Still Depressed

5 Things to Consider for the Depressed Christian

As I began blogging, I thought to myself, “Self, I want to stay away from those catch phrase titles such as: 5 things, 20 things, etc.” However, as I began writing today’s blog, I found it inevitable. Depression is something that most of us have dealt with, even as Christians. This is not something that we are exempt from facing, simply because we have turned to Christ for salvation. Continue reading

A House Full of Women.

Married. Buy a female dog, Missy. Have our first child…it’s a…GIRL! Olivia, you’re going to be a big sister! Congrats, another girl! June 5th, have to think of another girl name because daughter number 3 is arriving soon.

Phew. If I didn’t think entering the field of mental health counseling was a challenge, emotionally, for a “mainly man” (or so I like to think), being married with all daughters was.  Continue reading

Loneliness, Leave Me Alone!

“No matter what I do, I feel alone. My family, they always need something. They are around…but…. they drain me. Nothing I do gives me fulfillment. Come to think about it, I barely do anything. I just don’t have the energy or desire any more. Honestly, what’s the purpose anyway? Nothing I do is that important. It’s not like I’m doing anything that no one else could do. Prayer isn’t helping. If I’m being honest, it just feels like a waste of time, most of the time. I just want to disappear.”

Does this sound familiar? Continue reading

My Wife is not the Same Woman I Married

Dear Blog,

I realized today that my wife is not the woman I married. I mean, I have been married to my wife for 6 and a half years now. She has changed so much! So many of the things that she use to do when we dated or were newlyweds, she has long stopped doing. As I sat down today and reminisced through old photos of our lives I started to realize how different she has become.

And I am thankful for that. Continue reading

Privacy’s Suicide

This entry is a bit vague, but it will lay a foundation of thought that I will continue as a series that discusses our own killing of our privacy, and its effects.
I began this thought on Valentine ’s Day. Yes, nearly a month ago. The amount of social media flooding that I observed on this day brought to mind an idea that I think needs constant reevaluating in our lives. This is, exposing ourselves to public view, at all times. You know, like trying your hardest to capture every moment of a family vacation, but you end up losing out on many ACTUAL precious moments with them. Here is how the original blog began: Continue reading

The Autonomous Christian

How could I have found a more oxymoronic title? However, in this “modern day” that we live in, there has been an attempt to make this a reality. Oh, how we love to sit around and read stories, or watch heart-wrenching documentaries on self-less giving, but surely, this is an exception, not the norm. Besides, those directions in scripture to be self-less are given for us to have “highlight” moments, not a guiding life principle, right? Continue reading

How did this all start?

As I reflect on the online community of Berea, I can’t help to consider how far it has developed with little effort. During the period of time when Berea was being developed, the idea of a podcast and a regular blog was not even close to a consideration. In fact Berea was actually an attempt to revive a failed small group page that was started previously. In the months leading up to Berea’s conception I had been running a small group out of my home. I made countless attempts of integrating social media into the group dynamic in order for us to stay in contact throughout our busy lives. Continue reading